Y/ELM+ Protection

Y/ELM+ is a Swedish riding safety and protection brand. Founded in Stockholm in 2021, Y/ELM+ combines technology and material innovation to provide high– performing, unobtrusive protection solutions that raise riding safety standards and enable a freer riding experience. Adopting the latest safety innovations and integrating them with the active rider’s specific needs, we aim for nothing less than the best, least distractive riding protection on the market.

All our products combine state–of–the–art solutions, outstanding durability, and superb fit. Each product come fully prepared with all the core protection needed for a free and relaxed riding experience. Built for retrofitting, they also allow the addition of features like the Silva Explore 4 head torch and Tocsen crash sensor to reinforce and expand the rider’s overall safety, vision, and comfort.

The first Y/ELM+ product to hit the market is our Hybrid 1.0 helmet, specifically developed to protect the rider’s head against linear and angular hits. Most modern riding helmets only protect against linear force, like the impact on a helmet dropped straight to the ground. But all hits from falling off a moving horse are angled, and such a fall can cause rotational motion. The chief danger of a rotational motion is that it may stretch the rider’s brain and lead to serious injuries. Built with a MIPS–powered low–friction layer inside the helmet to counteract rotational force, an ABS safety shell that spreads out the impact energy, and a Polymer fusion core for superior shock absorption, the Hybrid 1.0 provides complete protection in the case of a fall accident.
But that’s not all. This next–generation helmet also includes an adjustable fit system, a magnetic safety buckle for swift locking of the chin strap, and variable top ventilation that puts the feel, fit, and convenience of other riding helmets to shame. When riding hard or taking your horse off the beaten track, the Hybrid 1.0 is your smartest choice.

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