Dedication as inspiration

Louise Nyberg | 6/5 - 2020

I definitely know that Charlotte Springall is a reason for the lifestyle I have today. Today I asked her a few questions to better understand what the recipe of dedication is. Because yes; everyone who ever met Charlotte knows she gives dedication a face.
I first met her twelve years ago, when working at her yard in England. Her story is fascinating to me and I hope that you will appreciate it as well.


Charlotte grew up at Fold’s Farm, that her father bought in 1949 and back then it was a dairy farm. He met Charlotte’s mum, hunting in the New Forest landscape where Fold’s Farm is located.


Charlotte continues telling her life-story:
” My family grew three girls; me being the middle one and a boy who was totally not into horses. When I was eleven years old, I first tried out for the British team for the pony 3 day event team.
I have always been dedicated.
I did British pony junior and young riders 3 day event team trials.


Life on the farm was different; there you are very protective and uneducated in University of life since we were self-sufficient. We had everything we needed and never really left the farm. We had no central heating and the big, beautiful farm was costly to run. Life was quite hard. I have never had trained ponies or horses; instead I’ve trained everything I ever rode and competed.


When thirteen years old, I trained many horses and ponies owned by the trainer Sorrel Warrick. I rode horses for other people and looked after the Spanish Olympic team event horses. Count de Balbec was my favourite he was ridden by Ramon Becker.
Being just a little girl looking after these horses on my own at big 3 day events, riding them in and preparing them; I decided to become a competition rider.


Life with horses has taken me all around the world; Hong Kong, Holland, Belgium and many years in Australia.
Including getting married to what I thought was the ultimate ”horsey man”. Actually I found out it was the jodhpurs he’d prefers and the ladies in them to horses!!!
I loved the Aussie weather and equine way of no nonsense. My husband struggled with the English traditional ways in equine! I was running sir mark Prescott breaking and pre training yard after returning from Australia but the family farm called and I returned to it to set up business.

That was 18 years ago. I have also qualified to work in tv and still do stunt double, sidesaddle and extras work.
I even ran pubs in London.
I had always wanted to be a ballerina as a little girl but my teacher told me my bum was too big, haha! It always came back to horses.


Time has changed; I brought my horses with me and moved to home farm 10 years ago. There I developed
The horses were my healing. They give us time to stop and be in the moment, instead of living our daily lives without balance. It is a blessing we should pass on to our children; they are the future.
Horses gives us the opportunity to be present and to be at one with ourselves. They ask us to be mindful; this is my ethos today.


This year, April 16th 1am, changed my life forever.
I was woken by a noise, to then hear my friend Dane who was standing outside shouting: ”Fire, fire!”
I ran downstairs and out the door, my sausage dogs in tow to be confronted by fire on the front right of the caravan; 10ft from my front door.


I ran around putting my palm in place. I have seven stallions who need to be placed in separate fields.
The ewes were the biggest issue; they never go when you want them to.


My Cleveland Bay stallion Folds Director (who was the last Cleveland bay my mother bred) had to walk back past the fire. As I put his head collar on, I said: ”You have to trust me now and be brave.”
I don’t remember fire that night; I just remembered colour. Lots of orange colour.

Charlotte Springall and Fold’s Director


Moving forward, I am going to expand my ideas: teach future generations, develop what I know and feel so as a human being.
We need to remember we are human beings; not human doings like we’ve become.
I’ve got to find a new home now my landlord wasn’t insured.


I won’t give up. I will carry on training horses and people as well as preserving our rare breeds.
I am available to travel and teach and students (like Louise Nyberg); I Hope will always remember our time together and in their own ways show the world how we think.


Please get in touch via my website for clinic student training and skills development or riders and horses

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